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Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas Bloggers!

As Christmas nears (or whatever it is that you do or don’t celebrate this time of year) I have a few little Hammy wishes I would like to bestow on all who read this blog spot:

May your bills this year shrink like a cheap linen shirt,
May your Boss never find out on you, all the dirt,
May the Hot Guy or Gal say Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!,
May you pass all your papers, exams and your tests,

If King George gets called back to Hell,
May Old Cheney die first,
So our experience in the White House
Doesn’t actually get worse.

May your blog spots be funny, or witty or cute,
May you pick a winning lottery ticket and give work the boot,
May old Santa find Your roof, and may it not need any Fixing,
May your tax refund be fat, and your return not need Nixing,
May your waistline get a little looser and your crotch a little tight,
May you dance on old New Year’s all through the night.

If your loved one’s at War may they come home real soon,
May us Middle Class warriors actually experience a boon,
May you get all your wishes for love and for health,
Because when all is said and done, that is the true wealth.

Merry Blogging Christmas and
Happy Blogging New Year

Peace & Love,
Baked Hammy – with Pineapple and Lots of Little Glazed Cherries


At Sat Dec 24, 01:03:00 AM, Blogger Brian J. Hong said...

Clever...very clever...

Thanks! If I could be as clever to say Merry Christmas back I would...but alas I cannot. But...

Merry Christmas!!!

At Sat Dec 24, 04:36:00 AM, Blogger kimmyk said...

Merry Christmas Hammy all a glaze with a cherry on top!

At Sat Dec 24, 09:41:00 AM, Blogger Jeff Vachon said...

Merry Xmas Hamrose (note the way I write "Xmas" instead of "Christmas". This is because I am a lazy typist and "Christmas" takes too long to type out)!

At Sat Dec 24, 07:39:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

ever the cynic, here I thought you were just trying to make an inflammatory statement that would have born-again christians raining rants on one side of us and the liberal atheists hailing rants on the other side of us. woo, scary. and here it was just laziness all along - go figure. sort of like this comment with no capitals. or maybe i'm just feeling a little e.e.cummings today....


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