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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Civilized Barbarity

It seems Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel has suffered a mild stroke. That's too bad, really. I happened to be watching CNN during a break at work. CNN - has long ago deemed itself the arbiter of truth and as such, graciously provides us with all the news that fits into interesting sound bites. I found the "celebrations" going on in some parts of the Middle East more than a little disturbing. (As ready with an opinion as the Ham-ster is, I'm not going to even open that can of worms.) But, what I really find is such a disturbing trend, is the celebratory actions some people around the world display at other's serious misfortunes. It reminds me of the "celebrations" that took place in some parts of the world when the news of the Twin Towers was broadcast.

Ya know, I have my political favorites and those that I seriously do not like just like everyone else. But with all that said, I really wouldn't be celebrating if say...Old King George stroked out, or had a massive coronary. Sheesh. I mean, I won't shed any tears when Satan's spawn leaves office, but what the hell! Any time someone has something really horrible happen to them - even if we don't like them - celebrating those misfortunes goes against the hallmark of what is decent, human and civilized. I don't know. It really seems like there has been a huge shift that has taken place on this planet. People are really barbaric, and cruelty has become so open, so vicious. What is it? Is it really the TV? Is it the video games? I mean, where is the compassion - or at least the empathy??

I have a friend in California who had e-mailed me an article about a particular statue of Mary (You know, The Virgin) apparently "crying" tears of blood in a Vietnamese church in Sacramento. I had already been following the story and asked him what he thought about it. He replied back that he wouldn't be too surprised if it was true (with the state of the world and all) and then added - "I'm surprised she's not throwing up!"
It's pretty F**king funny, but true. Man, oh man.


At Mon Dec 19, 04:04:00 AM, Blogger kimmyk said...

People like to see others makes them feel good about their own miserable lives.

I saw where Ariel Sharon had a stroke. I didn't think twice about it though. But if our president had a stroke-i'd be glued to the tv. *shrugs* Not that one life is more valueable than another....hmmm....I don't know.

I agree though-he seems to be the spawn of the devil. I'm seriously looking at Hilary in 2008. She ran the country once before....ya know?!?! heh heh.


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