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Monday, January 02, 2006

Need ta git it off ma chest!

Warning: It's PMS week, the kids are STILL off from school AND I haven't had my coffee yet, so if anyone is going to be easily offended get the F**k out now!

Man, I am so freaking pissed off today. I worked the entire New Year's weekend in the ER and let me tell you something, there are a lot of fucking losers out there!

All weekend I wanted to scream:
"Yes asshole, if you drink too much alcohol you are going to feel NAUSEOUS and have a HEADACHE and FEEL LIKE CRAP it's called a fucking HANGOVER shithead! Take some aspirin and sleep it off like the rest of us did!!"

And if I get another 400 pounder who complains about back pain or another 2 pack smoker who complains about being short of breath I am going to scream and pound the living crap right out of them. When the hell is some doctor going to have the courage to say that lugging 400 pounds around IS going to make yer back hurt and smoking 2 packs a day IS going to make ya short of breath - and no we don't need to blood test, x-ray and cat scan the shit out of you to figure that out. Lose some fucking weight, stop smoking, and while yer at it get neutered because - your an asshole and the gene pool is already suffering! And before ya'll get offended let me tell you this, if you are one of the (seemingly) few fucking people that DO actually WORK - then all of this is on your dime. Take out your paystub next time your boss hands it to you and take a peek at that little section called FICA - thats what pays these losers to stay home and drink too much, eat too much, smoke too much, fuck too much and then come in by ambulance for the million dollar work-up and go home by MEDICAID (read FREE) cab and do it all over again, while you haul yer keester back and forth to work to pay for it all.

And will somebody explain this to me PLEEZE, how in the hell do people come to this country - not speak a single fucking word of English, have no money, no relatives, NO FUCKING JOB, and get medicaid when 42 million American fucking citizens work WITHOUT PAID HEALTHCARE?? Someone please answer that one for me because I for one can't fucking come up with one single solitary reason why this atrocity would occur.

Fucking A!
What shit!!

Posted by Fried Fucking Hamsteak


At Mon Jan 02, 11:06:00 AM, Blogger Queen Snarfetta said...

O, Fried Hamsteak: Nothin much to say in response except that you're right!!

Get some rest and try not to work this week if you can possibly get off!


At Mon Jan 02, 11:13:00 AM, Blogger Hamrose said...

Girl, I wish! I need to get back in the gym and have Ron work out all this Hammy aggression. Thank God the kids are back to school tomorrow!! Woo-hoo!! And, I'm just heading out the door to Tim Horton's...a little caffiene will help soothe the savage Ham.
But people are still losers, losers, losers!!! Arrrgh!!!

At Mon Jan 02, 12:13:00 PM, Blogger WayneDawg said...

Jeez - If working for the public pisses you off so much, maybe it's time to look at digging trenches for a living. I mean you take a job in the ER (Which by definition means that you took it so you could help people)and then piss and moan because they come in needing help. Albeit, some folks srcew theselves up, but, why do you care if your there to help them.

Get another job.

At Mon Jan 02, 01:10:00 PM, Blogger nukie310 said...

I'm just going to pretend that you would have started blogging anyways without my help, and we're not related.

At Mon Jan 02, 04:57:00 PM, Blogger kimmyk said...

Wayne, you don't come to someone's dinner party and start trashin' the food you tosser!

Hammy girl I sooo feel your pain. When people come in complaining of SOB only to take off thier O2 to smoke a ciggie do I wanna blast 'em in the head for being soooo stupid!!! I so feel ya on this....that's all I'm gonna say.

Now back to you Wayne, you're rude and I don't like ya.
You've pissed me on the 2nd day of the brand spankin new year-you fuck.

At Mon Jan 02, 09:22:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

Thanks Kimmy girl! By the way, I feel all better now that I have had ma coffee. Wayne obviously isn't in "healthcare" or he really likes that FICO deduction in his paycheck. And what's with you Nukie?? It's too late to disown me, besides...I was here first (not in the blog world but the "real" world) so there! Besides, I DID post a warning, so it's his own fucking fault - piss off!

At Tue Jan 03, 04:25:00 AM, Blogger Queen Snarfetta said...

I think Wayne is probably one of those 400-pound losers who can't wipe his own ass...

At Tue Jan 03, 03:34:00 PM, Blogger kimmyk said...

man that would suck.
400 pounds and needing someone to wipe ya behind.

oh here's a story for ya Hammy girl....

i useta work in ob/gyn and a big girl (b-i-g) came in-pregnant. couldn't for the life of me figure that one out. i mean how he could find ya know..anyways....
after they left i asked the doctor how she could possibly get pregnant.....are ya ready for this???

when they were going to have sex/make love/have at it...he (the husband) would have to go to the neighbors house and ask him to come over and hold up her stomach so he could find the hole. (fire in the hole!) and they'd have sex that way...with the neighbor holding up her stomach. kid you not.
everytime they came in I had to leave....ugh..voyeurs.

At Tue Jan 03, 04:37:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

Wow. That tops almost anything I could say.

At Thu Jan 05, 05:27:00 AM, Blogger WayneDawg said...

Nope. 44 years old. 180 pounds and in awesome shape. I run, play softball and have a job I like. All I'm saying is that if this job you have in the health care world sucks so bad, find one that you like.

Now that I look back at my original post, I could have said that a little nicer the first time around and I apologize. One of my new year resolutions is to not shoot from the hip when I speak and to think it out first.

Bottom line: If you're tired of dealing with these kinds of folks, find a line of work that you look forward to doing.

At Thu Jan 05, 06:25:00 AM, Blogger Queen Snarfetta said...

Wayne, I don't understand what gives you the right to dictate that sort of thing to anyone. You don't have Hammy's life, you have no idea what the fuck she goes through day to day or why she's made the choices she has had to make. So go be an alpha white male somewhere else, you asshole.

At Thu Jan 05, 05:48:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

Oh my! Queenie, thanks for the D-fend girl, but I think old wayne dawg has a little misunderstanding. The man's entitled to his own onion pi, as the "queen" of the opinionated opinion I would never squash someone elses say. (I had to think about these kind of things when putting out a blog of this nature. I am very secure in myself, and people can disagree or challange me if there is something that strikes them the wrong way and that's cool.) What I should have done was address his comment with a suitable answer but I was a little tired and needed a break after the holidays. So, to make up for it W-dawg, if you come back to this comment section you have an entire blog post directed at your answer. Just look for the blog entitled "I ain't Florence Nightingale" - Ham-ster

At Sun Jan 08, 04:32:00 PM, Blogger ladylongfellow said...

Ok...I got your Number one...for the most part PEOPLE are fucking stupid and PEOPLE SUCK! I don't mean the good kind of suck either! I mean they suck as in they are greedy, selfish bastards -that kind of suck! Number two...PEOPLE SUCK and abuse the welfare system because they are lazy SOB's. Number three even though wayne was kind of a dick -he had a point. If you don't like your job, get another one. Service industry jobs are becoming less and less rewarding....because why? PEOPLE SUCK!

At Sun Jan 08, 06:40:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

You know, it's funny, but I had a blog post (De ja vu all Over Again) that vented in a (hopefully) funny way, about my yakkity daughter and no one barely flickered. I really think it has to do with the whole archetype of a nurse/mother/female figure that people have in their heads. People don't like to think that someone who is "taking care of you" might find you a pain in the ass at times, LOL. It really rattles people. I really think I hit a nerve here. Man, it's a good thing ya'll don't have access to the OR. You wouldn't believe the comments some surgeons make about their patients! (Way worse than Hammy, baby! Way worse) No one ever suggests they should get another job. (But of course the only people who are awake in there are other medical people and we all understand the way it is at times...) So, now everyone who reads this will probably be paranoid to be put out during surgery. Sigh. But one thing that I said that shouldn't be ignored is the fact that so many working people do not have any healthcare coverage, and that's wrong. Especially when a lot of the people getting Medicaid (which is basically a totally free ride from the healthcare system) shouldn't be getting it, and a lot of others should be allowed to abuse it to the degree that they do. And nothing is done about it, even though the politicians are well aware of it. It's too bad that Rockdog sends me his replies by e-mail. His answer to that post was amazing. He's in California and see's the trends that will be hitting the East Coast in 5 - 10 years. Hospitals all over California, especially those near the border's are closing their ER's because they can't afford to keep them open anymore. These exact types of drains on the system are too expensive, and they have decided the only way to deal with it is to close. The story was on NPR about 1 year ago or so detailing the problem. But like I's just my onion pi.

At Sun Jan 08, 07:01:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

LOL, ya know when I re-read it, it is pretty harsh! But, that's how I was feeling at the time. PMS, lack of coffee, bored kids fighting with each other, etc. In the pre-blog days I would have just made it an e-mail to Queen Snarfetta and we would have had a good laugh over it. I still stick by my theory that people have an image in their heads of what a nurse should look like, be like, sound like and if it doesn't fit that they have a hard time with it. It's all about archetypes. That's what makes Tarot cards so effective in our sub-conscious - it's the archetypes they reverberate inside of us. That's why people are so freaked by the Tower card and the Death card and the Devil card. But maybe that'll be a blog for another day. Think about it.


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