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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh, hell...

Well. I'm back from vacation and in stereotypical fashion I called in sick on what was supposed to be my first day back (fuck that shit) because in my mind I was still on vacation.
So guess what happens while I'm home playin hookey? The friggin light in the kitchen spontaneously explodes and catches fire! WTF!! So, big mess, Archie "helping" me (holy shit, one of these days I'm gonna just lose it...) and had to call in to work ANOTHER day AND pay premium price for an electrician to come out on a Sunday and inspect the wires and shit so I could turn the electricity back on that circuit. WTF?

Then...I'll spare the details and just say I ended up getting a not too pleasant kick in the ass in the "affairs of the heart" department. I had to go to WDKY's blog and view a slide show of all of his HNT pics and go to FS5's blog and read how much of an asshole Bush is just to make myself feel better.

Jesus H. Christ.

Nukie, my computer is all fucked up again, and it's not my fault. Fix it pleeeeeeeease!

Well Runningman ended his blog. It's a shame, it was one of my favorite one's.
Good luck to ya honey and stop by and say Hi every once in a while.

I see Bush is still an asshole (have to say it, it makes me feel better).

So I need to channel all this heartbreak hotel energy into something, I'm gonna paint the living room and rip the carpet out and put a nice oriental carpet in there. Nothing like a little decorating ta make me feel better...or some shit like that...

Well, I'm off ta visit some blogs.
See ya,

Ham-burger Helper Hammy

P.S. Like the illustration for this post? That's how I friggin feel... and with no novocaine either....shit, shit and double shit.


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