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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So I finally managed to put together a blurby piece of writing on Wrath. The deadly sin delegated to me by Nukie. It's just that I've been so busy. I'm in "summer school" taking Chemistry of all things. Great subject, Chemistry. Too bad I have to "get a grade" in it. All this grading stuff really dampens one's enthusiasm for learning a subject doesn't it?

The illustration above is my new desktop background. Isn't is cute? It's a penguin in a hot air balloon. I needed a change from Stonehenge.

Anyway, I see the Dem's can be as corrupt and stupid as the GOP. What's with Patrick Kennedy and his boozing problem? Ah well, I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree now does it. At least he didn't drown anybody.

And that joker William Jefferson - $90,000 cash in the freezer. Jesus, how drug dealerish is that?

I don't know why the kids even bother going to school in June. Between the field trips, the theme parties and the plays I can see why the US schools have fallen to 24th on the list. Christ Almighty.

The little one is in a play today. She tells me on Thursday night at 9 PM as I'm getting her out of the tub, that she needs a DOG COSTUME for her play rehersal IN THE MORNING!?! Shit. Talk about out we go to the only godforsaken place open at 9 PM that will have brown felt and it's not my favorite place - you guessed it WALMART or SPRAWLMART that bane of suburbia and wrecker of the decent paying job market. I hate spending money in WALMART. So I was up until 2 AM making a freaking dog costume. I'll remind her of all this someday.
But it really turned out cute...although the stitching was a little large because I was pretty cross-eyed by that point.

The bigger Ham Junior had her (one of THREE!!!) dance recitals at Fantasy Island ( a local amusement park) on Memorial Day. God, it was hot as Hades and I got sunburned. Now I'm peeling. Yuk. Very unattractive let me tell ya. The next 2 recitals are at UB's Center for the Arts. This multiple recital thing really blows. It's cute the first time but Jesus.... And her outfit is SKIMPY!! So this is where it all starts I guess. I could practically fit the whole damn thing in a sandwitch baggie. (I posted a little story on just that subject on Dribbles. The names have been changed to protect the innocent...or something like that).

So today is 6/6/06. I guess people are a little freaked about it. Stupid. If they want to get freaked about something they should look at who's sitting behind the big shiny desk in the Oval office. Now that's something to get freaked about. Remember when everyone thought Ronald Reagan was the antichrist? Well, he had nothing on Georgie Boy. I'd take the Alzheimered old guy any day compared to this fool...and that is sure saying something.

Well, I'm happy to report that the Sunrocket VoIP phone is a success. My old phone number should be transferred by Friday and I can kiss Verizon good-bye. One of my patients at work told me that the GAS COMPANY (Evil Bastards) charges $2.00 a month to bill me. So, I looked on my bill and sure enough they do. What fuckers. Those people have 5000 ways to screw ya. That's another company that I'd like to kiss good-bye. A guy I knew who was an engineer told me the gas company has a subsidiary company that supplies fuel at a lower rate, so I'm checking into that.

Today is Grievance Day at the Town Assessment Department. I'm going to go and grieve my ridiculously hiked up new property assessment. Good luck with that racket, right. Yeah, I know but I have to get out some of my wrath about it. (LOL) Another set of evil fuckers. Goddam Tax Assessors....

I just hope that Dante's Inferno is somewhat descriptively true. Maybe there will be a special level of Hell for all these people. (Insurance Adjusters can be included in there too)

So I'll catch up later.

-Wrathy Ham


At Tue Jun 06, 05:02:00 PM, Blogger CoffeeDog said...

Happy 666

At Wed Jun 07, 05:46:00 PM, Blogger kimmyk said...

dont you hate when they spring shit on ya the night before? mine do it to me all the time.....thank GOD Walmart is open 24 hours or they'd be screwed.

At Sat Jun 10, 10:43:00 AM, Blogger Jeff Vachon said...

Is there somethng wrong with Wrath? Doesn't that make you even more God-like? Isn't the Big Cheese famous for "The Wrath of God"

Is what Jefferson did wrong? I would like to keep piles of money in my freezer. I would love tons of "cold, hard cash".

As for Walmart, that's a place I wouldn't mnd shoplifting from -- if I did shoplift -- which I don't. I went through the self-checkout at Walmart a few months ago and accidentally forgot to check a $1.25 paint brush. I didn't realize my misatke until I got home. I felt no remorse nor guilt. Even if I stole a thousand dollars worth of merchandise it would not affect their bottom line on iota, nor would it ruin the nations economy.

Let's all shoplift at Walmart!


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