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Monday, January 09, 2006

Today; Part 2

Well the old girl is back home. The conversation on the ride back to the dealer's centered around Opera (which was pretty nice) As you can imagine, I don't get much of a chance to "talk opera" with many people. The good news is the bill wasn't too bad, most of it was covered under warranty. However, the bad news is I need an entire new DVD system ordered. (I upgraded to the Parents Sanity Package and ordered the built-in DVD) Sigh. Fortunately it is covered under warranty, but it should be considering the car isn't even 2 years old. The old girl knows I love her, but chances are she's going to be my LAST General Motors car. They just suck! The quality is so bad. I stopped "buying" cars about 5 years ago, and just lease them now. The quality is so poor that I just don't want to "own" the problem, I prefer to "rent" the problem temporarily.

On the way back I passed Barnes and Noble. A place which houses 3 of my very favorite Hammy things under one roof: Coffee, Chocolate and Books. Since the car is custom programmed to drive toward any one of those three things the old girl brought me right to the front door as expected. Besides, I needed to work on New Year's Resolution #3, the one about eating "good" chocolate and skipping the crappy stuff. So anyway, there I am, purchases in hand, hovering around the check-out area thinking to myself, "Now, how am I going to justify these purchases (New Year's Resolutions aside) that I want to make?" When a man walks by with his big bag of stuff and says to his wife, "Well, this ought to keep me out of trouble for a while." Bingo! From his mouth to my ears.

Truffle Stuffed Hammy
(Ron the Personal Trainer is going to loooove that come Wednesday morning at the Gym....)


At Mon Jan 09, 06:04:00 PM, Blogger kimmyk said...

Eat 'em all before Tuesday night then drink lots of water!

Viola! Problem solved.

At Mon Jan 09, 06:05:00 PM, Blogger kimmyk said...

Or lie and tell him the weight gain is water weight-you're feeling a bit bloated....say the word "period" and he'll let it all slide.

At Tue Jan 10, 08:21:00 AM, Blogger Queen Snarfetta said...

I think we all need to work on that Good Chocolate resolution! Hmm. Where shall I start? Well, I need to stop at the health-food store after work, so....

It's nice to know that other people out there have appropriate values.

At Tue Jan 10, 05:57:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

Girl...eating them all before tuesday night is NOT the problem. The box was opened in the parking lot! LOL And I hadn't even turned the car on yet!

At Wed Jan 11, 10:15:00 AM, Blogger Queen Snarfetta said...

Maybe, Chocolate Coated Ham, HOWEVER, your VALUES are what counts, not if you eat the Chocolate in the car or at home or all on Tuesday or whatever. The point is that you have reminded us all to put Chocolate at the top of the list.

You're an inspiration to us all.

Too bad we're all going to go to hell because Pat Robertson (and Others) said so.


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