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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Peanut Gallery of Political Pundits

Well, I guess now that Hillary has gone and insulted the Bush White House and the Republican's but good, it stands to reason in the minds of many that she is looking to cast her hat in the political arena come election time.

Ya know, I once knew a guy who was an even bigger conspiracy theory buff than me. A pleasure to talk to. He used ta get my eyes sparkling sometimes. He once told me a story that the CIA (or some such group like that) gathered the Clinton's and the Bushes together - before any of 'em were in the White House - and they had a meeting. According to my friend an agreement of sorts was made. Basically shunting the White House back and forth between them all.

At the time, I didn't give this too much thought. H.W. had been beaten by what seemed to be a landslide victory for Clinton. Iraq was a disaster, and it seemed that whole Bush legacy was washed right up. Clinton was a fairly popular guy, and he hadn't had his famous or I should say infamous blowjob yet. But he was only 1 term in office at that time.
I hadn't even heard anything major about old Dubya, other than he was a half sloshed, coke snorting Governor of Texas. I didn't think he was all that popular in his own state, much less as a Republican Presidential Candidate. And Hillary, well - no one really seemed to appreciate her butting in with that Health Care thing and all. As the years passed however, I started to wonder about what my friend had said. At each step of the way I thought, "No way Clinton will get a second term." But he did. Then came Dubya. I thought "Well, Clinton smoking pot was one thing, but Dubya was arrested for DWI and went into rehab for coke. No way he'll get elected." But he was. Then I thought "Well, the country has had enough time to see what a f**king menace he is, no way he'll get re-elected." But he was. Then came Hillary. As a NYS resident I can tell you she has done little else but show up where she can have a pair of scissors in her hand and a photographer nearby. She hadn't made any moves toward Pennsylvania Avenue either. Until this week. Then she's balls to the wall and coming out swinging.

My friend said to me (way back then) "Think about this. If what I'm saying is true, we will have had the White House controlled by the same 2 families for 2 decades...twenty years of just 2 families controlling the White House." And I laughed and said..."No waaaaaay!!"

H.W. 4 years
Billy Boy 8 years
Dubya 8 years (unless we luck out)

Total: 20 years
And now it's Hillary's turn.

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At Thu Jan 26, 07:15:00 AM, Blogger Queen Snarfetta said...

Ah... Memories of Chuck....

I like Hillary, but you're right. Of course.

At Thu Jan 26, 07:46:00 AM, Blogger Hamrose said...

We should point out that it's not the blogger Chuck...but another Chuck. I'd like Hillary too if I lived in another state. LOL

At Thu Jan 26, 10:18:00 AM, Blogger runningman said...

I remember when she came to Iraq at Camp Al Asad. The media wanted a Marine to sit with her at lunch. No one would and their Commanders refused to order any Marines to sit with her either. They got a reluctant Army soldier (PFC) to sit with her after they ordered him to do it. I guess they don't understand why Marines don't want to sit next to her in Iraq. There's two reasons; the first should be quite obvious, she's a bitch. The second is that they are in Iraq and anyone within 10 feet of her would be at a higher risk of losing their own life with so many people that would love nothing more than to remove her from the gene pool. Here's my prediction; if she ever gets into the Oval Office, her PSD (Personal Security Detail) will be the largest most overworked organization in the land. Rightfully so.
Fletcher Christian Bowhay

At Thu Jan 26, 11:15:00 AM, Blogger Queen Snarfetta said...

What is the male equivalent of "bitch?"

And are we calling her that because she is powerful? Grow a penis, Runningman.

At Thu Jan 26, 11:32:00 AM, Blogger Queen Snarfetta said...

Moreover, the military is full of misogynists and conformists. None of those men have so much as had a conversation with Hillary, and yet they've convinced themselves that she is a "bitch," whatever that is. It's just a way to write off complexity. Certainly gets them off the hook.

Strong women scare the shit out of people - men and women - because we want to feel safe in our outmoded paradigms. Get over it, people.

At Thu Jan 26, 02:41:00 PM, Blogger runningman said...

Didn't mean to hit your charm chord. Ham's blog is not the time nor place for us to spar over our opinions. We both have ours, we're both entitled to have ours. And I respect yours. To answer your questions; the male equivalent to a bitch is still a bitch. I use the term equally as much when I am referring to either gender. Senator Clinton actually did have conversations with those men, many of them are posted on "Hillary in Iraq" along with the very picture of the soldier ordered to sit with her. You are absolutely correct on her being a strong woman but she doesn't scare me. She has endured the ultimate humiliation and embarrassment while her unfaithful husband was in office and she stuck by his side. She's got sand but I would debate her possession of power. Again, my intentions were not strategically embarked upon, just venting. And if you must continue with personal anotmical analysis let's displace our gunlines out of Paula's AOR.

At Thu Jan 26, 05:45:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

Yeee-Haaaah!!! LOL
I'm staying outta this one...learned my lesson with Waynedawg! LOL

At Thu Jan 26, 05:59:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

But by all means feel free...I mean, I'm not exactly the equivalent of a polite conversation myself. I tend to take on such controversial topics for blog posts. LOL. I don't shy away from tough topics in real life, so I wouldn't expect to be that way in a private or semi-private forum such as a blog. I guess my aim is to pique people just a little (tiny tiny bit) and move them to think a little, or at least be exposed to some other types of viewpoints they maybe hadn't considered. In turn, I'm willing to listen as well. (Doesn't mean I'll change my mind, but on occasion I have been known to in the past.) I also just enjoy poking fun at politics, and we have so many great choices there!

Queen Snarf is a strongly opinionated gal herself. LOL. She just hasn't grow to love ya like I have there Runningman. LOL.

I just don't want to be known as the Jerry Springer of the bloggers.
Either that or we're gonna have to syndicate. LOL.

Oh, man you guys...did the fur fly!! LOL

At Thu Jan 26, 06:13:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

I do gotta say though, I have a soft spot for military men. I respect their values and admire their discipline. I'm also awed by anyone who would be so selfless as to agree to make the ultimate sacrifice of life or limb to be of service. I extend that to Policemen and Firemen as well. I can't say I could put myself in that same category of sacrifice, and I'm grateful that they all do what they do for me and many other people.

I don't know enough about Hillary to say if she's a bitch or not (LOL) but I am disappointed in her record. I did vote for her, and expected some great and exciting things from her. Unfortunately that hasn't panned out and a lot of people are not too impressed - and more than a little disappointed. We as a city gave her a lot of support, and we expected that would manifest in legislation and action that would help this area out. Hasn't happened. I'm pert near non-partisan. I tend to vote for the best man or woman for the job (or at the very least the one who lies the least) but Hillary won't get another vote from me.

Yeah, I felt sorry for her with Bill and all...but I think we as a nation were all a little embarrassed over that public indiscretion. Made us all look bad, really.

At Thu Jan 26, 06:22:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

Actually, believe it or not I voted for all of these assholes at one point or another!

HW (only term)

Bill (1st term - I think I sat out the next one...or voted for Gumby...LOL)

Dubya (1st term - no way I was gonna vote for Gore...yeeeesh)

At Fri Jan 27, 09:52:00 AM, Blogger runningman said...

The Jerry Springer of blogdom. Don't worry Ham, this won't put the ham in anyone's hamper. Sometimes I hesitate just for a moment before I make a decision to grab a bull by the horns, or sit in it's lap and blind it with honesty and truth. Outside the wire I take the first approach but back here I try to put myself in their shoes, in their heads. Honesty and overwhelming kindness goes a long way towards exposure of a person's true intentions and colors. And besides over the many moons I have learned to Love everyone as part of therapy.


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