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Friday, February 03, 2006

Whatta Week!!!

Holy Shitski! I can't believe a whole week has gone by. It's been so jam packed I haven't even had time to cruise the blogs much less write one. (Sniff, sniff). So this is a recap of my week:

Saturday: Took the day off from work to attend the Church retreat for Ham Jr #1's upcoming First Communion. (Which apparently is not called that anymore, and barely resembles anything I ever did.) Had a good time, and learned some new things. For example: The Pelican is pictured in one of the stained glass windows because in the event of a lack of food the mother Pelican will peck at her breast and draw blood, in order to feed the babies and keep them from dying. (Gross, but interesting).

Sunday: Worked 12 hours in a completely crazed ER. Tons of people, staff crabby and worked with Dr. Short-N-Snippy whom I can't stand and thinks he's all that. (Unfortunately he traded shifts with Dr. Handsome-N-Interesting). Stopped for groceries (Never, never shop for groceries on the week-end! Ugh!) Went home, put kids to bed, took a hot bath, fell asleep in the tub. (Ooof!) Woke up with a stiff neck, went to bed.

Monday: Went to the kids school. Met with OT person regarding Ham Jr #2's sloppy handwriting. Gave Cafeteria Manager a check for cupcakes and juice for Ham Jr #1's birthday on Tuesday. Went to gym and worked out with Ron. Went to very, very, very long class/lab (5 hours) with Hetty the Horrible. 25% of the class is repeating due to failing the class in the prior semester. Came home, got kids ready for bed, dropped like a stone.

Tuesday: Went to a work seminar for job #2. Stopped at the store, picked up birthday cake for Ham Jr #1 and some stuff for a nice spread. Went home, put out fire #1 (Cafeteria Manager went to a meeting, forgot to deliver cupcakes and juice. Ham Jr #1 called from school all panicky. Principal saved the day. Found cupcakes in the refridgerator. Delivered them to classroom.) Started decorating the house and cutting up fruit/veggies/cheese when Niece #7 came for a visit. Sister-in-Law left Niece #7 with Auntie Ham while shopping at Mall. Niece squalled and bawled until Sister-in-Law returned. Continued making trays and putting up decorations all the while thanking God I have no more Newborns. Put out fire #2 (No Pizza Delivery at appointed time). Nukie and family arrived, Edith and Archie arrived, Other Brother and Family arrived. Party Time. Cleaned up, got kids ready for bed, Dropped like a stone.

Wednesday: Woke up to NPR recap of Dubya's State of the Union address. Got pissed off. (Addicted to oil?? What an asshole!!) Second day of work seminar at job #2. Stopped at home to get kids off bus. Deposited Ham Jr #2 at Grandma's, took Ham Jr #1 to ER with me for moral support, needed to have the glass in the bottom of my foot removed, that had been there for 9 days. Was insulted by co-workers giving me shit about not coming into ER sooner to have said glass removed from the bottom of my foot. Limped out of ER. Went to drugstore to get script filled for antibiotic. Went home to soak foot, got kids ready for bed. Dropped like a (sore, very sore) stone.

Thursday: Woken up by Ham Jr #2 at 2 AM puking. Happy she made it to the toilet. Again, woken up by Ham Jr #2 at 3 AM puking. Again, happy she made it to the toilet. Woke up at 6 AM in a panic, forgot to take garbage out. Hauled garbage to curb in pajamas. Brrr. Woke Ham Jr #1 at 7 AM to get ready for school. Ham Jr #2 decided (after bus leaves) she's all better. Spends the day running around the house like a monkey on amphetamines while I try to complete class assignment due in a couple of hours. Go to other class with Ditzy Dora. Stare at cute but dumb guy who looks (and acts) like Keeanu Reeves in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Find out I have an online test due and Dora changes the class schedule (again). Figure out I'm basically screwed. Go home, get kids ready for bed. Soak sore foot, take antibiotic. Cruise a few blogs. Create a post which disappears forever when server disconnects. Get disgusted, do a crossword puzzle, go to bed exhausted at 9 PM.

Friday: Kids off from school for Parent Teacher Conference Day (so they are up at the crack of dawn.) Empty dishwasher, throw in load of laundry. Go to kids school to discuss the Junior Hams. Go to gym to workout, bring Ron cookies. Go to UB to drop off assignment. Can't e-mail it, because that's too progressive. Stop in at 2nd job to pick up assignments. Go home to soak foot and take antibiotic. Eat a quick Lunch. Do a case study for Hetty the Horrible's class due on Monday. Answer e-mail. Cruise the internet. Yell at kids who are fighting like cats and dogs. Refrain from selling kids to nearest band of gypsies. Create blog post.

Pffew! So that was my week. Hope yer all good, and see ya later.

Frazzled Hammy


At Fri Feb 03, 01:16:00 PM, Blogger CoffeeDog said...

whew I am tired now!

At Fri Feb 03, 02:47:00 PM, Blogger Chuck said...

Bless you Hammy. I know first hand how burned out you can get in the ER and to compound it with all that other stuff without major anxiety medication...uggggh..all's I can say is God bless.

At Sun Feb 05, 04:37:00 AM, Blogger kimmyk said...

i read this...and i where did it go?

blogger! you bitch.

At Sun Feb 05, 05:34:00 PM, Blogger Hamrose said...

Actually I did see that comment and could comment on the comment because the blog site was f**ked up.

So - in answer to your comment which disappeared forever - Ron is the trainer at the gym. No sparks...just dumbells..but Edith sent over a shitload of cookies and I figured better on his hips than mine!

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